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Precision Cast Swing Check Valve

I. Overview of Precision Cast Rotary Check Valve:
H44H-16C swing check valve: check valve with valve disc rotating around the pin outside the valve seat, swing check valve is widely used. The swing check valve automatically opens and closes by the force generated by the flow of the medium itself in the pipeline, which belongs to an automatic valve. It is a valve that can automatically prevent fluid from flowing backwards. The check valve flap opens under the effect of fluid pressure, and the fluid flows from the inlet to the outlet. When the pressure at the inlet is lower than the pressure at the outlet, the valve flap automatically closes under the influence of the fluid pressure itself and gravity to prevent fluid Backflow.
Second, the use of precision cast rotary check valve:
Swing check valve is used in the pipeline system. Its main function is to prevent the medium from flowing backwards, to prevent the pump and its driving motor from reversing, and to release the medium in the container. Non-return valves can also be used to supply lines to auxiliary systems whose pressure may rise above the pressure of the main system. Widely used in power station, chemical, hydraulic and other industries.
Third, the manufacturing standard specifications of precision cast rotary check valve:

Body materials are: cast steel, stainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel
Corresponding models: H44H, H44W, H44Y
Fourth, the structural characteristics of precision cast rotary check valve:
1. The product is designed and manufactured according to GB12236 design standard, with reasonable structure, reliable seal and beautiful appearance.
2. The sealing surfaces of the valve flap and valve seat are made of stainless steel surfacing, which is abrasion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, good abrasion resistance and long service life.
3. Various piping flange standards and flange sealing surface types can be used to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.
4. The valve body has a complete variety of materials, and the packing and gaskets are reasonably selected according to the actual working conditions or user requirements, which can be applicable to various pressure, temperature and medium working conditions.
5. The valve disc rotates around the pin outside the valve seat, reducing violent impact when closing.
6. The pin and the valve disc are connected with the built-in pin structure, which reduces the external leakage point and is more reliable in use.
Fifth, the main performance specifications of precision cast rotary check valve:

Six, the main connection dimensions of precision cast rotary check valve:
H44H-16C swing check valve size:

H44H-25C swing check valve size:

H44H-40C swing check valve size:

H44H-64C high pressure swing check valve size:

H44H-100C swing check valve size:

H44H-160C (16.0MPa) Swing Cast Steel Check Valve Size:

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