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Z40Y American Standard Electric Flange Gate Valve

The American standard gate valve is the most widely used shut-off valve in industrial pipelines. Its design and manufacturing standards are API 600 and API 602. The valve is suitable for industrial pipelines with pressure levels of CALSS150 ~ CALSS2500.
Product model: Z41H (W) (Y)
Pressure level: 150Lb ~ 600Lb 10K-40K
Specifications: 11/2 "~ 20"
Product material: carbon steel (WCB), stainless steel (304 \ 304L \ 316 \ 316L)
Applicable temperature: carbon steel ≤ 425 ℃ stainless steel ≤ 200 ℃
Applicable medium: water, steam, oil, acid, alkali

Product outline structure size chart:

American standard gate valve connection size and weight

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