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Do you know the working principle of American standard gate valve? Fast forward

Updated: 2019.10.09
的工作原理你知道吗? Do you know the working principle of American standard gate valve ? Fast forward
The American standard gate valve overcomes the defects of general gate valve, such as poor sealing and rust. The elastic seat sealing gate valve uses the compensation of the slight elastic deformation generated by the elastic gate plate to achieve a good sealing effect. The valve has reliable sealing, light switching, and good elastic memory Significant advantages such as longevity.
The role of the pressure relief hole in the American standard gate valve: can prevent abnormal pressure increase. After the shutter is closed, there is a low temperature medium in the cavity of the valve. Over time, these media will absorb heat from the atmosphere and vaporize. After gasification, its volume expands sharply, generating extremely high pressure, damaging the valve and causing danger. In order to prevent abnormal pressure increase, setting pressure relief holes on the gate is one of the measures adopted by the low temperature American standard gate valve to ensure safety.
的使用原理: The following editors will introduce the use principle of American standard gate valve :
First, the American standard gate valve opening procedure principle:
1. Lift the valve stem to the extreme position and rotate the ball to the fully open position.
2. In the closed position, the valve body is tightly pressed on the valve seat due to the pressure exerted by the valve stem.
3. When the handwheel is rotated counterclockwise, the valve stem will move in the opposite direction, and the angled plane at the bottom will release the ball from the valve seat.
4. The valve stem continues to rise. When the ball starts to rotate by friction, it is the cause of the interaction between the guide pins in the valve stem spiral.
Second, the American standard gate valve closed position principle:
1. When closing, turn the gate valve handwheel clockwise, the valve stem starts to descend and the ball starts to rotate from the valve seat.
2. Continue to rotate the mobile phone. The valve stem will rotate the gate and valve stem 90 degrees at the same time due to the role of the guide pin in the groove.
3. When the gate is about to close, the gate body has been rotated 90 degrees without contact with the valve seat.
4. When the handwheel is rotated to the end, the ball will be tightly pressed on the valve seat due to the mechanical force at the bottom of the valve stem, so as to achieve a complete sealing effect.
When repairing the American standard gate valve, it should be noted that because it works under high pressure, it has a certain pressure inside. The internal pressure needs to be written out before it can be disassembled and disassembled. When dismantling and disassembling the American standard gate valve manufacturer, it is necessary to take good protection measures for some internal sealing components. For example, it is recommended to use special tools to remove the sealing ring.
The individual parts that have been decomposed need to be cleaned individually. Most of the cleaning requires immersion cleaning with pure water or alcohol, and a small number of metal parts need to be cleaned with gasoline.
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