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An article to easily interpret the use of electric flange gate valves

Updated: 2019.09.04
的使用技巧 An article to easily interpret the use of electric flange gate valves
Due to the continuous advancement of technology, many electric actuators equipped with electric flange gate valves and electric globe valves can be operated in situ (on-site), and buttons can be operated on the electric actuator panel. Here we introduce the DZW multi-turn valve electric device commonly used in electric flange gate valves and electric globe valves, which is referred to as the manual and electric switching method of Z-type Denso for short.
手—电动切换机构:为半自动切换,手动时需扳动手柄切换,手动状态转变为电动时则自动运行。 Electric flange gate valve hand-electric switching mechanism: It is semi-automatic switching. It needs to switch the handle when manual, and it will run automatically when the manual state changes to electric. It consists of a handle, a switch, a clutch, an upright lever, and a compression spring. When handwheel operation is needed, push the handle to the manual direction, the switch will raise the clutch and press the compression spring. When the handle is pushed to a certain position, the clutch is disengaged from the worm gear and meshes with the hand wheel. At the same time, the upright rod is erected on the end face of the worm wheel under the action of the torsion spring, which supports the clutch from falling. . When electric operation is required, the motor will drive the worm gear to rotate, and the upright rod supported on the end face of the worm gear will fall down. Under the action of the compression spring, the clutch will quickly move in the direction of the worm gear and mesh with the worm gear. Transition to electric state.
Tips for using electric flange gate valve:
1. When the electric device of the electric flange gate valve is started, the start button on the electric panel should be pressed, and the motor will start immediately. After a certain period of time, the valve will open, the motor will automatically stop running, and the "on" signal light on the electric panel will be on; When the flanged gate valve is closed, the close button on the electrical panel should be pressed, and the valve will run in the closing direction. When the valve is fully closed, the "closed" signal will be on.
2. During the operation of the valve, the signal lights that are opening, closing, and in the middle state should be indicated accordingly. The valve indication signal is consistent with the actual action, and can be closed tightly and nailed open, indicating that the electric device is normal.
3. If the electric flange gate valve is running, fully open or fully closed, the signal lamp does not light, and the accident lamp lights, indicating that the transmission device is abnormal, and the cause should be checked, repaired and re-commissioned.
4. The electric device is faulty and closed inadequately. When handling is needed, the action switch should be set to the manual position. Turn the handwheel clockwise to close the valve, and open the valve counterclockwise.
5, electric flange gate valve electric device can not press the reverse button during operation, if you need to correct due to misoperation, you should first press the stop button, and then start.
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