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Electric flange gate valve uses technology to create excellent quality

Updated: 2019.09.03
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the domestic electric valve industry is also developing in the direction of high technical content, high parameters and high life. Through analysis of domestic and foreign electric valve technology, we can study industrial electric valves in various industries in recent years. And the high-tech development trend and investment direction of the electric valve industry, the next editor will give you a brief introduction.
1. Nuclear power applications: Electric valves for nuclear power have higher technical characteristics and requirements than conventional electric valves for large thermal power stations. Valves generally include gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, main steam isolation valves, Ball valves, diaphragm valves, pressure reducing valves and control valves; the highest technical parameters of representative electric valves are: maximum diameter DN1200mm (nuclear 3 level butterfly valve), DN800mm (nuclear 2 main steam isolation valve), DN350mm (nuclear Class 1 main circuit gate valve); maximum pressure: about 1500 pounds; maximum temperature: about 350 ° C; medium: coolant (boronized water), etc. Requirements for the production of nuclear-grade electric valve products: usually according to the nuclear industry standard EJ, the American ASME, IEEE standards and the French pressurized water reactor nuclear island mechanical equipment design and construction rules RCC-M, etc.
2. Petrochemical applications: 1) Valves for wellhead devices: The valves for oil and gas wellhead devices are mainly single or double gates in accordance with the US API6A standard, forged steel parallel gate valves with or without diversion holes, Mud valves, angle throttles, oilfield-specific parallel control valves, oilfield-specific straight-through check valves, water injection / polymer-specific parallel gate valves, clamp-type parallel gate valves, pilot-operated safety valves, and check valves.
2) Valves for long-distance pipelines: The valves for long-distance pipelines for oil and gas are mainly single-gate or double-gate valves, flat gate valves with or without diversion holes; Body-type, top-loading or fully-welded fixed ball valve; oil-sealed or pressure-balanced plug valve; swing-type or butterfly check valve, ball check valve; pig valve, etc.
As a type of electric valve, the electric flange gate valve has also been applied well with the development in recent years. Nowadays, it is more and more accepted by its superior product performance:
1. The driving method is divided into manual, electric, pneumatic, gear transmission, structural forms; elastic wedge single valve, rigid wedge single valve plate and double gate plate type.
2. The electric flange gate valve adopts flexible graphite packing plate, which is reliable in sealing and easy to operate.
3. The electric flange gate valve adopts flexible graphite packing plate, which is reliable in sealing and easy to operate.
4. Electric flange gate valve has compact structure, reasonable design, good valve rigidity, smooth passage and small flow resistance coefficient.
5. The sealing surface is made of stainless steel and hard alloy with long service life.
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